Wood Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Do you own a old house with drafty, leaky, old double-hung windows? Do you have sky-high utility bills as a result of this? Well, A&A Millwork, Inc. has a solution to your window problems. We would like to present, with great pride, our architecturally correct wood double-hung replacement SASH KITS. We have reproduced the look of yesteryear and combined with today's technology to produce the finest double-hung replacement window system available.

Controlling Air Leaks

When air leaks around windows, energy is wasted.  Energy is also transferred through the centers, edges, and frames of the windows.  Eliminating or reducing these paths can greatly improve the energy efficiency of windows. With the weight and pulley system, you have empty non-insulated walls on each side of the window, called a cavity. This is where the pulleys operate. The cavities retain cold/hot air and allows air infiltration.  Air is like water.  It can get through any gap or crack.  Air coming through the glass is very minimal. In addition to the non-insulated cavities, the sashes must fit loosely together in order to operate, causing an even greater draft and heat loss.

Upgrading Your Windows With Our Sash Kit

Our sash replacement system will eliminate your drafty and inefficient weight and pulley system. The weight and pulleys are removed and the weight cavities are insulated with fiberglass blanket insulation. Vinyl jamb liners are installed on each vertical side of the window opening.  These jamb liners function as an insulating seal for your windows, eliminating the air infiltration from the weight cavities. The jamb liners also contain a block and tackle system, providing years of smooth and efficient operation of your new sashes.

Double hung sash kit

Side view of jambliner

Lower sash tilted

Both sashes tilted

Our Sash Kit Features:
  • Our sashes are made of clear pine

  • Architecturally correct for older homes

  • Both upper and lower sashes operate

  • True divided lite glass panes available

  • Both sashes tilt-in for easy cleaning

  • Low-e, double strength, and double pane available

  • Your original interior woodwork will not be disturbed

  • Your storm window will not be disturbed, although you may replace them with one of our three options for storm windows, if necessary

Divided Lite Options:
  • True divided lites are available only with single pane glass. This is the ultimate historical appearance. Each piece of glass is an individual piece

  • Simulated divided lites are available with insulated glass. This provides the maximum energy efficient options, yet enjoying the architectural appearance at the same time.  Simulated grille is a three layered system. The exterior and interior grille is permanently applied, and there is a grille spacer in between the glass.

  • Removable grilles are available with insulated glass. Still able to gain the maximum energy efficient options, but offers an authentic appearance at an economical price.

Installation Available!

Start saving on your energy bills today!  Call us at 612-721-1111, to speak to one of our professional sales staff.

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