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  About Us...

In 2008 we purchased our first building, 3320 E. 41St Street, Minneapolis, MN  55406.  We have recently moved and very excited.  We have reinvented our MILLWORK SHOWROOM! We are growing, but will always maintain our values.  Come check us out!

A & A Millwork Inc., is a family owned company that was founded by Mark Aune in 1982.  Mark Aune found this business for the passion of historical millwork.  Prior to A & A Millwork, Mark has always worked in the field.  His knowledge of older homes was taught to him by a true turn of the century craftsmen.  Mark took the invaluable knowledge he gained, and used it as a tool to become successful. 

Mark has a saying that's posted throughout the building that says, "JUST DO IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL!"  This has been established as the company motto.  Mark was frustrated with cheap materials, lack of old-style craftsmanship, poorly made windows, doors, and substitute routes for building, remodeling, or renovating.  "If you short cut now, it will costs more money and labor in the long run," stated Mark.  Isn't this true?  Well that is why A  &  A Millwork is considered a high end millwork company...we do not short cut.  If you want it done right, then come to us. 

A & A Millwork Inc., has built its' reputation on quality and service.  We pride our customers and their home.  Our goal is to educate you on the product or service you are looking for.  It is important you understand as a homeowner or contractor the value behind historical millwork. 

Relationships are important in every good business, and A & A Millwork has built a strong customer base primarily from referrals.  Mark Aune believes in taking care of customers and refuses to lower his standards just to make money. 

When you have a custom door, window, or moulding project or question, please feel free to contact us at   612-721-1111.

Our Facility @ 4439 Hiawatha Ave S, Mpls, MN  55406 (Our old location 1992-2008)



Our new location - 3320 E. 41st Street, Minneapolis, MN  55406